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Measure dozens of different environmental variables for a complete view of your field. Connect up to four sensors to each data logger, in any combination you want. Single deployments are great for spot-checks, or use multiple units on each farm for more thorough coverage.



Use soil moisture sensors to track your watering efficiency, or keep an eye on fertilizer buildup with our conductivity probes. Save time on tedious soil sampling and reduce the guesswork involved in irrigation scheduling. Acuity systems support industry-leading soil probes from EnviroPro, AquaCheck, HydraSCOUT, Acclima, and METER.



Know exactly how the microclimates in your field are behaving. Track growing degree days over the course of the season, set up automatic text message alerts for early frost warnings, or use live wind data to schedule spraying. Our sensor suite can measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind, precipitation, and more.



Plug into your existing flowmeters and continuously monitor your flow rate and total usage. Pair with our in-line pressure sensors for 24/7 visibility into your irrigation activity. Ensure irrigators are sticking to their watering schedules, check that pumps are working properly, and diagnose potential under/over-pressure events immediately, all without having to manually visit your pipes.

...And More

Need other sensors, like dendrometers, leaf wetness, well depth, or pH? Contact us for custom integrations and deployments.

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