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Acuity Agriculture is your all-in-one ranch monitoring system. Use 24/7 sensor data from your soil, climate, and equipment to bring your farm operations into the future.

You do the growing. 
We do the data.

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Data At Your Fingertips

Track live field conditions from your computer, tablet, or phone through our easy-to-use web dashboard. Monitor dozens of variables, such as soil moisture, line pressure, or air temperature, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Irrigate With Confidence

Watch your water percolate through your soil profile, in real-time. Your dashboard automatically generates recommendations based on your historical moisture patterns.

Black Soil

Stay Ahead Of Weather

Don't let extreme weather catch you off guard. Automated alerts for frost, heat, and high winds help you respond within minutes, not days.


Compliance Reporting, Simplified.

Download end-of-season spreadsheets of all your data, for a one-click solution for your internal, insurance, or regulatory reports.

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Green Orchard

Trusted By The Best


Full Service

Sit back, relax, and allow one of our trained technicians to install your sensors and data loggers for you. We'll work with you to select installation sites for optimal coverage.

Super Compatible

Purchase Acuity Agriculture's own research-grade sensors, or use your existing ones in the field. Our systems support a wide variety of third-party sensors for a painless, drop-in replacement of other ranch monitoring systems.

Unbeatable Value

With on-site maintenance, technical support, and extended warranties included in your subscription, no one beats our value. No contracts, no leases, no rent-to-own nonsense.

Hyper Scalable

From one farm to a hundred, we work with operations of all sizes. Our pricing and ease of installation means you can deploy as few or as many sites as you need.

Built By Growers,

For Growers

We know every farm is different, which is why we work with you to design the system that best suits your unique needs. Schedule a free on-site consultation today. 

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